Serve at Mariners

We believe that we were all designed to serve and that it helps us to experience and grow to become more like Christ.  And the incredible thing is that it also honors God and builds others up.  Serving in your church, in what ever role you choose, makes you a part of God's plan to connect people to Him and be part of His life-changing plan to bring salvation to the lost and broken.  We encourage you to find your place here.  

When you visit the Connections Info area in the church lobby you can find a complete list of opportunities available to see where your interests and  skills intersect.  Until then, below are various large areas of our church structure that have numerous ways to serve within them.  Most teams can take you right away, some have some requirements before jumping in, but all are places that you can make a difference.

First Impression Teams
When you come to Mariners you see a church that is friendly and inviting. Smiling people meet you at the door and hand you programs for the service. Following the service, tables of refreshments await you. These, and so many other things, happen at the church because of teams of people like you who serve in various ways.  The First Impression you get, is in large part due to the great service of these teams.
Surf's Up KidMin Teams
Our dynamic children's ministry is designed to help parents raise godly children!  People who serve on these teams serve in the nursery through 5th grades in many roles on weekends or special events.  There are many roles that don't actually work with kids directly but are part of making events or the program itself excellent.  For more info, contact our KidMin Director to find out where you can serve.
mcc|youth teams
Middle School, High School, and College ages or such important and sometimes confusing times if the life for all of us.  Serving in this ministry allows you to be part of helping youth come to decisions to yield their life choices to a God who loves them and cares.  There are many roles and options to  choose from LifeGroup leaders to event planning to administrative support and even more.  If you feel led to make a difference for the students of the coastside, then visit contact our Youth Director to find out where you can serve.
Connections Teams
Our desire at Mariners is to see that every person who comes through the door can see a clear path to becoming like Christ through growing with others in community (LifeGroups) and serving others on a ministry team.  Connections covers areas of welcoming guests, helping new believers grow, coaching and assisting ministry teams in recruiting and developments, coaching and releasing LifeGroup leaders, being a LifeGroup leaders, creating events that draw people to our church and to develop friendships with other and so much more.  If you have an interest to seeing people connect and grow in this way, contact our Connection Pastor to find our where you can serve.
Worship Teams
Worship is a core part of a believers' life and certainly the experience of our weekend gatherings.  If you have a passion to see people connect corporately with God through the music and other creative experiences this team might be for you.  But it is more than what you see on the stage.  This team also has sound and lighting techs, presentation software operation, and more.  If you desire to be part of one of the ways that makes Mariners a special place on the coast, contact our worship leaders for more information.  If you already serve on the team, here is your schedule.
Other Teams
There are so many other ways to serve here than what has already been mentioned.  Mariners is a growing and dynamic church filled with creative people and ministries are being added all the time.  If you have a heart or interest for something that you don's see fitting into the boxes above, then perhaps a new box needs to be formed.  Contact the Connections Pastor to share your vision and see where it might lead.