People Care

The primary source of care and support for those who regularly attend Mariners is our LifeGroups.  But we also offer the help that’s listed below.  For most of these cases, the first contact will be the church office, which can be reached at (650) 726-5959 or


Baptism:  Baptism is an act of obedience that every Christian should take seriously, and a powerful means of grace in our lives.  We would love to coach you to understand and experience the full potential of this great response to our salvation.  Children, students and adults will each meet with the leaders in their respective ministries.


Sickness: The key support for you during your illness is designed to come from your LifeGroup. However, if you or someone you love at Mariners is experiencing a hospital stay or a chronic illness, we would like to know. Please remember the challenge in James 5:13-18 to call for the elders to pray.  We would love to do this for you at anytime.


Counseling: People often come to us for counsel on a financial crisis, marital and family conflict, grief, decision making, spiritual renewal and issues like these.  Contact the church office to set up an appointment at (650) 726-5959.  We offer general pastoral counseling.  This is usually one session, after which we will recommend the next step.  If the next step is professional Christian counseling, we recommend Christian Counseling Center at (650) 570-7273.


Financial Help: If you’re a part of the family of Mariners, we want to support you in a time of financial crisis.  If you contact the church office, they can put you in touch with the team who can help assess your need and offer various types of support.


Recovering From Addiction: In today’s world many people struggle with issues that they have a hard time overcoming alone.  If you struggle with an addiction of any kind, then the Celebrate Recovery ministry is for you.  They are a strictly confidential group that meets on Sunday nights from 7-9 pm at the church.  For more info, contact Jeff Bovero


Can We Pray For You?

We don't think anyone should go through difficult situations alone. Our prayer teams meet weekly and would love to partner with you in taking your concerns to a loving and able God.
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