New Wave First Fruits

As part of our New Wave Campaign (Building Fund) we dedicated 10% of all funds (first fruits) received to be used to fund a long-standing vision of reaching a ‘valley or village’ somewhere in the world! We are excited to share the ministry we are partnering with in Mexico.  Click here to see the progress we have made!

What a journey God has taken us on to partner with a vision and a movement in the Circle of Silence in Central Mexico. The Circle of Silence is an area where only 2% of the population know Jesus; very similar to the area we live in as we are in an area considered to be the least churched in the United States.

Through our consultant, Jim Culp, we have become aware of a couple, Betsy & Valentin, who are leading an effort to build and grow five churches in five years in the state of Aguascalientes, the center of the Circle of Silence. Betsy and Valentin along with two other families have made a five year commitment to spread the Gospel and plant these churches beginning with a church in Palo Alto. The church in Palo Alto will be the home church of this movement.

God is giving us a wonderful opportunity to partner with Betsy & Valentin under the supervision of Jim Culp at a ground floor level. The church in Palo Alto is just beginning, yet God is already growing and blessing it. As we move forward in this long-term reciprocal relationship with Jim, Valentin & Betsy, we pray God’s blessing, protection, and favor over it.

If you are interested in becoming part of the team, please contact Brenna at