Coronavirus Updates

Community Without Walls – Our Latest Update

Here are some updates to what Mariners is doing to connect with others during this time of shelter-in-place.   It seems clear to us that this time is going to be extended beyond April 7. Should it end sooner we will be ready to welcome people back in, but for now we...

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Church is Still Happening, It’s Just Different

(Posted on 3/17, Updated on 3/20) On 3/17 the building at 100 Stone Pine closed until further notice. But the CHURCH didn’t! The church pastors and staff have moved all our work to home just like so many of you. We are connecting with each and with our teams and with...

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Mariners Pastors Morning Check-ins

Start your day with an encouraging video! Most mornings during the 'shelter-in-place' we are experiencing together, our pastors will be uploading some morning check-ins on YouTube. We hope you are encouraged. Subscribe to the Mariners channel on YouTube to see the...

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Children’s Ministries Are Going Online!

Hello Parents, As you have likely seen from Pastor Paul's email, our church services have gotten a little more interesting for the next month! Because we want to ensure our church and Coastside communities are safe, we have decided to go to an “online church” method...

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We’re Worshiping Online This Month

Dear Church Family, We once again need to deal with this Coronavirus thing: the anxieties, the concerns, the health risks, and all that goes along with that. While we’re not afraid of this (God hasn’t called us to that—see 2 Timothy 1:7), we do share a concern about...

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How We’re Handling the COVID-19 Corona Virus

Dear Mariners Church Family, Together we share the concern of many people regarding COVID-19 (‘Corona Virus’). No matter what your view of the dangers, we as a church family want to begin taking precautionary measures and consider how we can minimize the anxieties...

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