Reopening our church to more ‘normal’ activity is a fluid situation with all the change of guidelines and rebuilding of ministry teams. We ask everyone to please be understanding and patient with us as we reopen, acknowledging service times and locations, indoors or out, may all be affected at a ‘moments notice’. We will do our best to send out clear communications.

Here are some of our current plans to help us all set our expectations.

Regarding Vaccinations. We will never ask if one has been vaccinated nor require proof of vaccination to attend or serve at Mariners Church. We respect everyone’s privacy and decision process. We ask each person to show mutual respect regarding choices made and to follow your own convictions in making decisions on your level of engagement.

Regarding Masks. We will not take the position of policing masks but do ask all to follow recommended CDC guidelines. Again, please respect everyone whether one wears them or not and follow your own convictions in making decisions on your level of engagement.

Regarding In Person Worship Service. Initially the plan is to have a 9:15am service outdoors with ‘unplugged’ worship to respect our neighbors. At 10:45am we will come indoors with some level of physical spacing. We won’t pack our services as tightly as pre-pandemic levels could allow. As soon as it seems clear attendance levels for the indoor service are greater than a comfortable capacity, will cease the outdoor service and offer two indoor times. We anticipate this might be sooner than later.

Regarding Online Worship Service. We will continue to provide a full worship service at our YouTube/MarinersHMB channel indefinitely. Our initial plan is to post on Sundays at 9am through July 2021. HOWEVER, once we begin recording a live service on Sundays, we will begin posting the recording on Monday afternoons. At this time, we have no plans for livestreaming.

Regarding Children’s Programs. As children are not yet offered a vaccination option, we will be following all guidelines for masks and distancing protocols, as well as, using enhanced cleaning on toys and surfaces. To accommodate this, our age groups will be using temporary or different spaces throughout the building. This may cause some disruption in our worship center as the older children will be directly above in the Café. We appreciate your understanding. Parents, look for more detailed communication from Kaitlin, our Children’s Ministry Director.

Things that will be DIFFERENT for now but WILL return:

Coffee and Donut Holes. Initially, coffee and other refreshments will not be offered. Please be patient as we rebuild this team. If you would like to be part of this team, please contact Len. Donut holes and other snacks will come back but will be portioned in individually wrapped packages.

Things that will be DIFFERENT for now and may NOT return:

Offering Buckets. To minimize shared touching of surfaces, we will not be passing around a bucket for offerings. Please give through our phone app and website OR place checks in the free-standing offering box near the back of the worship center and at the box mounted on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.

Programs. In an effort to save resources, we are experimenting with not producing programs. All event info and more is on our phone app. Next Step/Prayer Request Cards will be in newly installed seat pockets (or can be submitted on the phone app as well).

Communion. Due to safety and sanitation, we will offer prepackaged communion cups. Gluten free bread is available upon request.

Recorded Services on CDs. In an effort to save resources, we will no longer be offering CDs. All services are posted on our website both in audio for the message and full worship in video. They can be accessed on our phone app, our website, or our YouTube channel.

Install the Mariners Church Phone App!

You can download it by texting ‘MARINERSCC APP’ (no quotes, with space between words) to (833) 695-5698.

The Mariners App is a GREAT tool to stay engaged with Mariners. Enjoy quick access to announcements, message notes, event info and registrations, online giving, prayer requests, and more! Install on Android or iOS.