Values and Beliefs

at mariners, we are…

Knowing God through Jesus is the most important thing. It’s why we’re here and why we exist.

No perfect people are allowed here. We’re authentic about our victories, struggles, joys and sorrows. That means we’re a place of grace and forgiveness and a place to come as you are and as you ‘really’ are.

Jesus said our greatest witness to our community is not our music, building, or programs, but our love for each other. That means we connect in LifeGroups and in accountable and authentic relationships.

God loves us just as we are, but He loves us too much to stay that way. Through the Bible we grow in our faith, our knowledge of God, and our understanding of how to love God and our world. We want everyone to become fully transformed, committed and reproducing Christ followers.

While God’s message is sacred, our methods to reach people are not. So things change.  We do this because we are missional – we primarily exist for those people God loves and are not yet part of the body of Christ.

Children and youth are highly valued around here and so we invest time and resources for them. It’s our vision every graduating senior on the Coastside will have heard the message of Jesus Christ.

We reflect the diverse community into which God has placed us. While we may come from different backgrounds, we become one as we worship, serve and grow together.

Each Christ follower at Mariners is responsible for using their spiritual gift, time, energy, and finances for honoring God in ministry. Involvement changes the world and changes you.

at mariners, we believe…

You matter to God: (Luke 15, Luke 19:10)

Because of sin, we are separated from God: Yet God loves us so much that He sent Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our wrongs by dying on the Cross (John 3:16, Romans 5:8)

A person comes to God only through personal faith in Jesus Christ: Apart from good works, religious duty, or human effort. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

The Bible is God’s personal and errorless love letter to us: (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

You find your fulfillment in life when you fulfill God’s purposes for you: 

These purposes include:

Connecting with God

(intentional devotion to God’s leadership of your life, intentional action to help others experience God’s love)

Growing with Others

(intentionally and authentically pursuing the ‘one another’ behaviors of the Bible)

Serving Our World

(using your gifts and abilities to make a difference in others’ lives through sharing faith and practical compassion)