We will be posting videos of services and kid/youth programming at various locations for the next few weeks, as well as, having some LifeGroups use video chat tools to meet. Here are some ways to prepare yourself to stay connected: 

  1. Download the Mariners Church App! Text “MARINERSCC APP” (without quotation marks) to 77977 and follow the instructions. Its quick and simple for all iOS and Android phones. This will include links to see the sermon notes, provide a communication card for prayer requests, help you to continue your giving, and offer many more resources and announcements. We can’t stress enough how useful this is at all times, let alone now.
  2. Join us on Sunday at 10:45 for an interactive watch party of our full worship service at https://marinershmb.online.church!
  3. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/MarinersChurchHMB. You will be notified when videos are posted. You can watch the services at any time and even send links to family and friends.
  4. If you are a parent of Nursery-Grade 5 children, join the “MCC|Kids-Surf’s Up” Facebook group for latest news and Special video content Kaitlin is creating for your family.
  5. If you are a parent of Middle and High School youth, join the “MCC|Youth” Facebook group for latest news and content Curt is creating for your family.
  6. If you are in a LifeGroup that will opt to use ZOOM video chat service, you will receive meeting links by email from your group leaders. Just click to join the meeting. Give the program access to your computer or phone microphone and video cameras. IT REALLY IS VERY SIMPLE! Please don’t be wary of this. 

Our website also has links similar to the phone app:

  1. Prayer Requests: https://marinerscc.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/6/responses/new
  2. Event announcements: https://marinerscc.org/events/
  3. Giving: https://marinerscc.org/give/
  4. Corona Virus Updates: https://marinerscc.org/coronavirus-updates/

During this time, email and phones are great as well! Please call or email fellow church family members both to express your needs or to check in on those who might be isolating! If you are feeling lonely or disconnected, let someone know! 

We live in a time where we have tools at our disposal. Even though tech has its difficulty or impersonal element to it, it can be REALLY useful in times like these. God has called his church to connect and engage and be in community. There is no need to let anything, even a pandemic, prevent God’s people from staying united.

Reminder: These are the events that have currently been cancelled or suspended through the end of March.

  • All Children and Youth meetings and activities – look for online events starting Sunday
  • Hannah’s Journey
  • Journey to the Cross
  • Family Camp
  • GrowthTrack Sessions
  • Weekend Services – Join Us online at 10:45 this Sunday!

Let’s get and stay connected!

Pastor Len