Weekly (most weeks)
Tuesday:       Men's BSF, 6:55p  (September to May)
Wednesday: Little Lambs Club (Preschool), 3:30p (September to May)
                       Kid's Quest (Grades K-2) 3:30p (September to May)
                       Breakout (Grades 3-5) 7p (September to May)
                       mcc|youth | ignite middle school and HSM high school, 7p 
Thursday:     Women's BSF, 9:15a  (September to May)
Special Events
40 Days in the Word - An All Church/All LifeGroup Event
We all have the experience of opening the Bible and not knowing what to do next.  It seems confusing and overwhelming.  In reality, we just need to learn a few tools to begin to draw out what the Bible means and affects how we live our lives.  God's word is alive and we are meant to understand it.  During this message and LifeGroup event you will learn tools and begin to put them into practice.  And when you do, you will not only begin to understand the Bible more, you will understand God more!  Join a LifeGroup and make plans to be committed to all the event has to make a difference in your life!  For more info, visit the event page.
January 13-February 25, 2018
Persecuted Church Prayer
The last Sunday of every month we take time to focus our prayers for our fellow global church family who are being persecuted for no other reason than their faith in Christ. Many around the world are being marginalized, imprisoned, and even martyred for their faith. We feel a responsibility to our brothers and sisters to keep them in prayer.
Sunday, January 28 | The Living Room, Mariners Church |10:20a
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