The LifeMission You Are Living

When you make the decision to follow Jesus, your life is no longer your own, but you become part of Christ’s mission in the world.   As we make our way in the world, and find our place in Christ, we follow His way of service to others.  There we find a joy which is found no other way; a joy we invite you to share.

 “The church needs you. Not because it needs people to fill positions within the organization, but because YOU are an important and integral part of the body of Christ.  You have a significant contribution to make.  You have a ministry in the church and a mission in the world.” Bruce Bugbee


Within the Mariners Church community, you are invited to participate in one or more of our 6 Serving Communities, gathered around major ministry areas.  Within each of these areas, there are a number of teams that welcome your participation.

Surf's Up KidMin (nursery to 5th grade)

Our dynamic children's ministry is designed to help parents raise godly children!  People who serve on these teams serve in the nursery through 5th grades in many roles on weekends or special events.  There are many roles that don't actually work with kids directly but are part of making events or the program itself excellent.  Visit the KidMin page to learn more about their mission and values.

MCC|youth  (junior high to young adult)

Middle School, High School, and College ages or such important and sometimes confusing times if the life for all of us.  Serving in this ministry allows you to be part of helping youth come to decisions to yield their life choices to a God who loves them and cares.  There are many roles and options to  choose from LifeGroup leaders to event planning to administrative support and even more.  Visit the mcc|youth page to learn more about their mission and values.


Worship is a core part of a believers' life and certainly the experience of our weekend gatherings.  From operating the PowerPoint slides, managing the Sound System, preparing communion, joining one of the prayer teams, or of course being in the band, teams serve to prepare for and enhance the worship at Mariners.  

First Impressions/Hospitality

When you come to Mariners you see a church that is friendly and inviting. Smiling people meet you at the door and hand you programs for the service. In addition, tables with coffee and refreshments await you. These, and so many other things, happen at the church because of teams of people like you who serve in various ways.  The First Impression you get, is in large part due to the great service of these teams.


Maintaining the Mariners facility and facilitating setup and cleanup of the various events at Mariners requires many hands.  Special events also depend on people lending their talents in video and sound technology. 


On any given day there are people within Mariners who are serving the needs of people on the Coastside and around the world. Much of this happens on a very informal and personal level because God places each of us in circumstances and relationships that are unique to each of us.

Throughout the year, Mariners sends teams for Mission Experience to our partner ministry in a community in Tijuana, Mexico.  Everyone, regardless of age, is invited to participate in one or more of these opportunities.

While most serving in our community happens on a personal basis, there are some projects that happen regularly in a church organized manner.  Here are some of the regular occurrences:


YOUR Neighborhood:  Serving our community begins where you live.  Neighbor well!  Help support and organize efforts to increase care for each other, safety, and community building.  Click to check out our ideas and resources.

Seton Coastside Ministry: Take church to the elderly in a local rest home. Join others to present a 1 hour time of Christian music and Bible Study the first Sunday of every month at 3p to the residents at Seton Coastside in Moss Beach

At Mariners, we embrace our responsibility to be part of our local Coastside community through outreach to those beyond our walls. Events occur throughout the year, including an annual Free Sale for those who can use what others no longer need. Additionally there are regularly reoccurring activities like Adopt-a-Family, blood drives, encouragement baskets, working with City Impact and Rebuilding Together, and more that happen throughout the year. 


Persecuted Church:  Christians the world over are being marginalized, persecuted and even martyred for nothing more than a faith in Jesus.  We have a team in our church who desire to educate and inform our congregation of ways we help, hosts regular times of prayer on the last Sunday of each month, and create special events.  

Tijuana, Mexico:  We are developing an ongoing relationship with a ministry and community built on the old city dump in Tijuana, Mexico.  Sharing our lives and faith with those in other places and circumstances expands our understanding and perception of God in the world. Multiple mission experience trips per year are planned, with accommodations for all ages.  

Additional events are scheduled at various times throughout the year, including Operation Christmas Child every November.  Check out the church calendar and communications for announcements about upcoming opportunities.

Each of these Serving Communities supports the ministry area through prayer and participation in various leadership and support roles, from serving in occasional events to weekly commitment of time and talents.

Contact:  If you have any questions or desire to join one of the Serving Communities and it's teams.