Neighboring Well

At Mariners we believe that nothing is by "chance".  God has placed you in your house, your block, your neighborhood for a reason.  So let's find ways to serve our neighbors - to neighbor well.  It may look like checking in on a shut-in, organizing an emergency response plan, mowing a lawn to help a single mom, or hosting a LifeGroup.  There are many ways to make this happen, be creative!  But it starts by introducing yourself.

So here are some steps to begin to neighbor well:

  1. Introduce yourself, get to know each other.
  2. PRAY for your block, specific needs of individuals
  3. Find out how to serve each other; meet actual needs
  4. Create social community building activities; block parties, block yard sales, open houses, be creative. 

Of course we are ALL busy, but again, you are not there by chance.  So discover what God wants to do with and through you to connect and impact your neighborhood.  Of course hosting a LifeGroup is not the first step, or may never be a step at all, but if that comes to be please be sure to take advantage of the resources we have to help you begin.


We have put together a Block Party Kit together for with ideas and tools to assist!

If you have questions, ideas or reports of great things happening, please ask or share.