One day in 2000 at age 26, Sam Beard was tasked with collecting eggs on a chicken farm.  As he bent over to collect the eggs while holding a bar for support, he touched a wire sticking out of the auger of an automatic feeder sending the shock through his body.
In the aftermath from the shock, Sam found himself in a room filled with darkness. The darkness was so thick, he could feel it.Then Sam felt two hands, being placed on his shoulder.  They were glowing.  The figure behind Sam, pushed the darkness away and brought light to the area. Sam turned around to see who it was, and he heard a voice telling him. ‘Do not turn around, you are too young to look upon me. ‘You are not living to serve me.  Your life is not glorifying.  You’re an alcoholic.”    Sam told the voice, ‘I want to live to serve you and I’m sorry for not following you.’  The voice told Sam that he was not leading people to Him. Sam apologized.

After Sam repented, Sam said that he wanted to be a person that leads people to Him and be a person that serves Jesus, but that he needed help to free himself from the electrical wire.  Then Sam woke up found himself 20 feet from where the electrocution had taken place.As Sam went to sit down, (the roosters usually attack him) the roosters parted before him and a straight path opened. Sam remembers saying I’m going to be ok now. He was bedridden for 6 months and sustained a herniated disk and also suffered pain in his hip.
During Sam’s recovery a troubled teen befriended Sam. On a night of severe pain, Sam thanked God for the time off because it gave him the ability to speak into the teen’s life.  The next morning when he woke up, he got off the bed and went to the bathroom and realized that he was walking without support.  God had restored his back overnight.  Sam fell down in praise.To this day Sam lives to spread the love of God.

By Jon Yoshimine, Volunteer Storyteller