Sometime around 2013, Jason was living in New Jersey and dating Karen. He started going to church with Karen and her Mom. Karen’s Mom was the choir director.  Karen’s father was the pastor of a different church in NJ.  Jason was starting to become interested in this ‘church thing’ which was such a big part of Karen’s life.  He bought a Bible and Karen gave him the book, A Case for Faith, by Lee Strobel.  He was looking to understand how faith fit into Karen’s life and with her family, but was still gently agnostic.

After several months of singing in choir, reading the Bible and attending church with Karen and her Mom, they had an opportunity to attend a service at Karen’s father’s church – the Teaneck United Methodist Church.  During that service something happened that changed Jason’s life forever.  As they were reciting the Lord’s Prayer, Jason’s eyes were closed when Jesus came right to that spot and made himself personally available.  The man and the God that is Jesus Christ, made it clear that He had always known Jason and always loved him.  Jesus decided right then and there to make Jason His.

Looking back on it, the only thing that even comes close to knowing that kind of love, was watching the birth of their son, Christian. Jason’s life has never been the same since.

Jason sees now that Jesus was always standing right there in front of him… every minute of his entire life.  And He loves Jason just as much now as he did prior to that service.  It’s Jason who’s now changed forever.

About a year later, Jason and Karen got married. Feeling and understanding first-hand, the depth of God’s love makes the bonds of their marriage a much deeper commitment.  Knowing that our God blesses their marriage, makes that commitment all the more powerful and it gives Jason a peace and confidence that without God’s love he wouldn’t know.

Mike is a member of the Mariners Church Steering Team.

ByJon Yoshimine, Volunteer Storyteller