Part of Ivette Moctezuma’s role at Mariners is to build bridges from our church to the Latino community in Half Moon Bay. Last year we sponsored a Financial Peace class with associates of Bay City Flowers. It was very successful and plans for a class this fall was in the works. But sadly Bay City had to close its doors after operating here for many generations.

Because of our relationship with and concern for the associates who were facing unemployment, Ivette and our Giving Team began to think of ways we could offer some support and a demonstration of love. The result was to give a $50 gift card for Mi Familia grocery store to the 166 associates.

Pastor Paul and Ivette were invited to a “Going Away” Luncheon the family owners provided on their final day of operation earlier this month. Paul was able to share with the associates this gift and offer some encouraging words during this difficult time for everyone.

Michael Ng, Mariners’ steering team member and member of the executive team at Bay City Flowers said, “As a Bay City Flower member, I was very touched by Mariners’ willingness to support our associates during this tough time. The Church really lived out its mission statement of serving the world. In this case they served their local neighbors in a very real way. I am personally touched by Mariners’ care and compassion seen through the gift cards!”

A few associates told Michael it was a very generous gift from the church since they recognized the church didn’t know many of the associates personally. Others said the gift cards will help them during the holiday season.

This is just one way the generosity of the people of Mariners touches lives. 10% of all our regular giving is given away to ministries around the world, local relief agencies, and at times, directly to individuals in our community. Thank you for you continued faithful generosity to the ministry of your church.