God didn’t create humankind to be alone! And not just in terms of a spouse. He designed us to be in community. Active community. A community that builds each other up to become our the best versions of ourselves, the one that is most Christlike. A community that helps each other when life knocks us on our butt. A community that shows grace, love and acceptance when we mess up. And perhaps some truth at that moment too.

That community can be developed in many ways, but at Mariners, we have created a process called LifeGroups set up to help us step right into that behavior. Of course it takes some time to learn to trust and open up to that kind of level. But when it happens it can be incredible!

I met with a LifeGroup a while back to check in and discovered a level of fierce love for each other and openness to the messiness of their lives and I left so encouraged! I saw the value of a LifeGroup in action! This was community, this was beautiful.

I’ve heard of other groups who also have such love for each other. Visits to hospitals, meals made after surgery or births, childcare, financial help, and of course, constant prayer and emotional support.

It is my sincerest desire for all of us to experience this! If you are in a group, I encourage you to lean in towards that if you are not experiencing that in your group. If you are not in a group, I ask you try one out for a season. I know our time is valuable and committing to another night out can be a real downside to us. But I promise you, this kind of community is worth it.

There is a video we show in GrowthTrack, Step 3: Growing With Others. I’d love for you to give it a watch. “Three Important Points For Christian Small Groups,” by Joseph Solomon.



The three points are…

Small Groups need to be _________________-Centered.

Small Groups need to be ____________________ others.

Small Groups need to have _______________________.

One of my favorite things he says is, “If I’m only coming to get things, then it kills the community.” I’d love for you to share back with me some of your favorite quotes or concepts you heard. E-mail me at len@marinerscc.org.

I’m here to help you start or join a group! So let’s do this! Let’s raise the level of fellowship in our lives, our LifeGroups, and in our church and show the world around us we are Christ-followers by our love for one another.

Pastor Len

Find more community resources at https://marinerscc.org/fellowship/.