Breakout is a club to guide children, grades three through five, toward spiritual maturity. Similar to Mariners’ Discovery series for adults, the areas of growth covered in Breakout are Belonging to Christ, Growing in Christ, and Serving Christ. Children work through one book each year at home and in their LifeGroup, where they are encouraged to develop a lifestyle of quiet times with God, foster relationships with their leaders, and accountability with other children.

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Here is a brief description of each year’s book:

Breakout 101: How to Belong to Jesus – Book one focuses on Belonging to Christ. Children will learn and discuss topics such as salvation, baptism and communion.

Breakout 201: How to Grow in Jesus – Book two focuses on Growing In Christ. Each child will grow in the wisdom and understanding of who Christ is, while learning and discussing topics such as fellowship, giving and worship.

Breakout 301: How to Serve Jesus – Book three is on Serving Christ. Children will discover their S.H.A.P.E. and how they can best use the gifts God has given them.

Parent Expectations

Our role is to partner with you in the spiritual growth of your child. We ask you help them to do the devotion lesson at home, look for ways to apply it to their everyday life, and then bring them each week with their book. Please help your child recognize this is NOT homework, but the beginnings of a lifestyle of quiet times with God. We expect the parent to serve as a Greeter or as Security one session out of the year to help promote a friendly and safe environment.

What does a breakout LifeGroup look like?

Children meet weekly in the Children’s Ministry Center on Wednesdays from 7:00 – 8:15 PM September – May. Every group has 1 leader with 4-8 children of the same grade and gender. As part of this small group, their leader will make an effort to connect with your child or to have special activities. Students complete a lesson from their book at home each week as a devotional by themselves or with a parent and then discuss it with their growth group, where they apply biblical truth to their lives. Each group exchanges prayer requests and spends time praying for one another. Their new and growing understanding of Christ changes how they live.

how does my child prepare for breakout each week?

Children are expected to complete their weekly devotion at home and memorize at least one of the Bible verse options.

How much does it cost for my child to be in breakiut?

Cost: $25.00 per child. The cost includes a Journey Workbook, Quiet Time Journal, and awards and activities throughout the year.