Kid’sQuest is designed for children in kindergarten, grade one and grade two to help discover the Bible in 3 years. The lessons are focused on “values” found in Bible stories. Children are placed in¬†growth groups where they have an interactive story time, make an art project, play a game, say their memory verse, learn to worship God through music, and share prayer requests.

Registrations for the 2019-2020 school year are now open.

Parent Expectations

Our role is to partner with you in the spiritual growth of your child. We ask you help them to do the devotion lesson at home, look for ways to apply it to their everyday life, and then bring them each week with their book. Please help your child recognize this is NOT homework, but the beginnings of a lifestyle of quiet times with God. We expect the parent to serve as a Greeter or as Security one session out of the year to help promote a friendly and safe environment.

What does a kidsquest LifeGroup look like?

Children meet weekly at the Children’s Ministry Center on Wednesdays from 3:30 – 5:00 PM September – May. Every group has 1 leader with children of the same grade. As part of this growth group, their leader will make an effort each week to connect with your child on the phone. They will get to know them better and encourage them to do their Kid’sQuest devotion lesson. In addition to regularly attending the¬†growth group, children are expected to complete their devotion lesson at home and memorize one Bible verse with the help of a parent.

how do i help my child with their kidsquest lesson?

Please set aside a time each week to help your child with the devotion lesson. Each lesson is broken into four parts: listen, learn, look and live. In part one, “Listen”, read the story to your child and talk about it. In part two, “Learn”, ask them the questions and help them write down the answers in the spaces provided. Next, practice the memory verse with them throughout the week. You can practice it in the car, at the park, put it on the refrigerator, or practice during mealtimes – be creative! Memorizing scripture may be new to them and it may take some time-especially with the reference part! The “Look” section of the lesson is the activity page. Your child will experience the story in a variety of ways like doing a maze, matching, counting, sequencing, drawing or playing a simple game. Have fun with it! Lastly in the “Live” section, your child will learn a value to apply in their life by signing a key word.

How much does it cost for my child to be in kidsquest?

Cost: $25.00 per child. The cost includes the Kid’sQuest book, crafts, and awards throughout the year.