Neighboring Well


You need to KNOW your Neighbor
to LOVE and SERVE your Neighbor!

Let’s NEIGHBOR well! At Mariners Church, we believe that each of us is placed in our specific homes and neighborhoods for a reason. So if that’s the case, then knowing our neighbors and serving them is part of each of our individual callings. That can take shape in many forms from organizing emergency response plans, to creating a network to look out for a shut-in, to helping each other keep up yards.

But it all begins by developing friendships and what better way to do that, then with a party? A Block Party to be specific! It’s not the only way, but it is a great way to build excitement and community.

We understand that the putting on an event is not in everybody’s skill set, so we have put together a “kit’ to help you get started. This kit includes ideas, planning worksheets and how to’s, and even city permit applications. Yes, depending on what you plan, you may need to get a permit. But don’t worry, its not difficult and the church is even here to help with loaning tables and chairs (subject to availability) and printing posters and invitations for you should you need.

So, however you do it, set out to neighbor well! You are not in your neighborhood by chance, but by design.